You work hard to capture the moments that couples and their families cherish. Give your client the option to perfect & love their favorite images more than ever! Let us handle their requests and free up your time to keep taking those gorgeous shots!

Click through the gallery to see before and after examples. Send us your images and we will provide you with editing time. No extra charge if edits take longer than what is quoted!

$5  –  10 MINUTES
$10 – 15 MINUTES
$15 – 25 MINUTES
$20 – 35 MINUTES
$25 – 45 MINUTES
$35 – 1 HOUR

Let the sparks fly!

Photoshop sparkler off of grooms face

Tripods the perfect moment. Let's make them disappear and keep the moment PERFECT!


The dance floor can be rough on a girl's hair! Offer a way to tame flyaway hairs and fallout. Your bride will dance the night away without a care!   

This photo cleans up nicely!

Smoothed out dress bustle for that PERFECT first dance photo!


Smooth out bridal gowns for the most gogeous look!


Unwanted text? Not here!


Distracting exit signs are almost unavoidable at times. Safety first, always.
In a wedding photo? Let's make them disappear!


Missed an important family shot? Give your couples the option to recompose the shot!


No vents and thermostats hear!